To our valued customers and friends,


    We are living in a time of darkness. Everywhere we look there seems to be more and more tragic news, people out of work, and talk of flattening a curve that feels more like a never ending climb up a treacherous mountain. We drive through our neighborhoods and see empty parking lots along with a surreal number of signs posted upon locked doors. Schools, churches, restaurants, and local businesses are vacant. The lights that once shined down on us everyday while we lived our normal lives have gone dark.


    As a company that primarily focuses on energy efficient lighting for businesses large and small, our hearts ache for the world that once seemed so bright. We worry about the future and we worry about our customers. All of us are in this together and we must support one another any way we can. We, at Green Site Products, want our beloved customers and friends to know that we are here if you need anything during this global crisis.



What we can offer during this time:


  • Free lighting quotes whether you’re ready to buy now or if you are looking to buy later on. We won’t spam or pressure you.


  • Shipping anywhere in the world. We currently have a small team working from home, but we are still able to ship orders to any location across the globe. Please note that shipping times may be slightly delayed due to Covid-19


  • Direct, no contact delivery to residents and businesses within and near the Twin Cities.


What we are doing to ensure the safety of our customers and employees during Covid-19:


  •  Employees are working from home


  •  All orders are being handled by a limited team with sanitized workers gloves and homemade masks to ensure we don’t take away any of the much needed supply of medical grade masks and gloves from the hospital workers on the front lines during this crisis.

  • No direct contact with clients within Minnesota. We are coordinating delivery with all customers within the Twin Cities area to ensure we drop off their orders in a safe and sanitary manner.

  • All business is being conducted through email and over the phone. In person quotes are on hold for the time being.


    We extend our well wishes to you, your families, and your employees as we navigate through a new normal of everyday life. Please visit or call 612-599-0246 if you have any questions. We are here for you during this crisis and we will continue to be here when the lights come back on.


        Ryan Heglund

        Founder of Green Site Products

Green Site Products

Plymouth MN USA

612 599 0246