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Eco friendly.    Biodegradable.    Compostable.    Burnable.


Forks spoons & knives made from renewable wood


Eco-Utensils are the environmentally friendly alternative to disposable plastic utensils. They are biodegradable, compostable and burnable. 

Eco Utensils can be safely burned in campfires, making them great camping utensils that don't need to be carried out as trash.

Eco-Utensils can be composted, helping foodservice businesses to divert foodservice waste from trash to compost. 

Eco Utensils are great for food trucks, fair vendors, outdoor festivals and events looking to avoid plastic waste or divert foodservice waste from trash to compost.

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Be part of the solution to plastic waste. Make the switch to environmentally friendly, biodegradable Eco-Utensils made from sustainable renewable wood!

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size: 6.2" L, x 1" W


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Be part of the solution to plastic waste!


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