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We supply the right products to replace wasteful and outdated HID or fluorescent lights with clean, quiet, energy-efficient & long-lasting LED lights, to maximize lighting quality and minimize cost. 

Since 2008 we've been helping property owners, managers and contractors upgrade to LED lighting inside and out, to improve lighting quality and reduce energy cost 50-90%. Let us quote products for your next lighting project.  


Shop online or request a custom quote or proposal. We supply some of the highest performance lighting products in the industry, and our highest priority is your next project.  

Don't just be a green building....

be a green site!

past projects

New office construction
8' Skinnylights + Troffers
Shopping mall renovation
13w ceiling lights
Parade of Homes featured house
13w ceiling lights
Parade of Homes featured house
135w LED retrofit
in shoebox street lights
LED BR30 bulbs
shop ceiling
135w LED retrofits
parking ramp 2 high bays
60w LED retrofits
Target office parking ramp
4' Skinnylights
Municipal elevator lobby
7w MR16 lamps
municipal parking signs
40w LED corn lamps
post top globe streetlights, downtown St. Paul MN
custom 1.5w LED marquee bulbs
historic building elevator lobby, St. Paul MN
US government warehouse
AFTER: 98w LED retrofits
US government warehouse
Before: 400w HPS
in shoebox streetlight
After: 135 LED retrofit
in shoebox streetlight
BEFORE: metal halide shoebox
condo building parking lot
AFTER:  LED Shoebox
condo building parking lot
BEFORE: 200w HID wall packs
Tunnel to parking garage, downtown Minneapolis
AFTER: 75w LED wall packs
Tunnel to parking garage, downtown Minneapolis
BEFORE: 100w fluorescent fixtures
conference room before LED
AFTER: 45w LED retrofits
conference room after LED retrofit
15w LED PAR lamps
wall sconce fixtures on skyscraper, downtown Minneapolis
135w LED retrofit
in shoebox street light
LED PAR lamps
Fire station outdoor wall sconces
LED corn lamps
in globe streetlights, downtown St. Paul
40w LED corn lamp
in post top streetlight
135w LED retrofit
shoebox streetlight, Maplewood MN
14w LED bulbs
Walk in freezer
100w High Temp High Bay
High temperature industrial metals shop
Industrial Tubular Skylights
Ford assembly plant, Chennai, India
Tubular Skylights
Hattan National Bank, Colombo Sri Lanka
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Green Site Products

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