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The Basics of Retail Lighting Design

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

When planning lighting for a retail space there are 4 main lighting applications to consider:

1: Ambient lighting (or general lighting) - providing the base light level throughout the space.

2: Accent lighting - decorative fixtures or lighting effects that draw attention or highlight architectural features, perhaps adding color.

3: Spot lighting - directing additional light to areas and products that you want to stand out, improve the vividness of colors, and attract particular attention.

4: Display lighting - illumination integrated into display fixtures like shelves, racks and coolers to draw attention and provide better visibility for shoppers to read labels and see the details of product packaging.

Features of retail lighting

When planning lighting for a retail space, all 4 lighting applications should be considered, and integrating a nice mix of each is a formula for quality retail lighting.

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