Our 4ft 15w LED T8 tube lamps can replace 32w fluorescent T8 or 40w T12 lamps in existing fixtures to cut your energy by 55% and IMPROVE BRIGHTNESS!. If you wish to maintain brightness you can use our 10w units delivering 1750 lumens and cut energy by 70%.


These are for direct wire to the sockets, by removing or bypassing the fluorescent ballasts to maximize efficiency, and you'll never need to replace a ballast again! Available in 4000k for a fluorescent look or 5000k daylight white for improvement of brightness and visibility. 


Contact us to request a quote for your needs! 

High Efficiency 4ft LED T8 (ballast bypass)

Color Temp
  • POWER:  10w (1750 lumens), 15w (2625 lumens)

    BEAM: 160 degree

    COLOR TEMP: 4000k, 5000k (others on request)

    EFFICIENCY: 175 lumens per watt

    VOLTAGE: 100-277vAC

    LIFESPAN (L70):  50,000+ hours