The Eco-Utensils Camping Pack has 10 forks, 10 spoons and 5 knives (just right for 2 people to eat 5 meals on a weekend camping trip)! 


The 25 utensils are in a biodegradable paperboard box that contains absolutely no plastic, so the utensils and packaging are 100% burnable in a campfire. No need to carry out any used utensils as garbage as with plastic utensils. 


The Camping Pack is wholesale priced at just $1.50 each plus shipping, packed in cartons ranging from 24 units to 100 units.  Suggested retail price is $3. Each Camping Pack has dimensions of 7"x2"x2" and has a barcode, ready for retail. A great addition to any camping supply shop! 


Also makes great stocking stuffers!


Prices include shipping!     

Eco-Utensils "Camping Pack" carton

Carton size

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