Our 80w or 120w LED Security Flood lights replace 250w or 400w HID lights. The optional bi-level motion sensor allows programming of a lower power level during no motion, and ramping up to full power when motion is detected, maximizing efficiency by providing light only as needed, and security by alerting intruders that their presence is detected, and alerting others that motion is detected.

LED Outdoor Security Flood Light

Mounting Method
Photocell & motion sensor
  • POWER: 120w (replaces 400w HID)
    COLOR TEMP: Pure white 5000k is standard
    BEAM ANGLE: 120 degree vertical, 110 degree horizontal
    VOLTAGE: 100-277vAC
    EFFICIENCY: 122 lm/w
    DIMENSIONS: 12" wide x 6" high x 7" long
    MOUNTING METHODS: Angle Adjustable Slip Fitter, Rigid Arm or Trunyun Bracket
    PROTECTION RATING: IP65 wet rated
    LIFESPAN RATING: 100,000 hours