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For retail display coolers please replace fluorescent tube lamps that waste energy and radiate heat onto your products with our linear LED cooler lights that operate cool and silently and emit crisp white light in a 270 degree beam to properly illuminate your products on display, making the colors vibrant and reducing your energy for lighting AND cooling. They are a linear modular solution, available in segments of 4ft, 5ft or 6ft and linkable up to 35ft from a single AC connection!  There's no external ballasts, no buzzing noise, no flickering or warm up time and are not hot to the touch. Ditch those antiquated fluorescent tubes!  This is the best way to light up coolers and freezers! 

Linear LED cooler lights

  • POWER & LENGTH:     4ft/22w,  5ft/25w,  6ft/28w                          

    BEAM:                           270 degrees     

    COLOR TEMP:              5000k is standard 

    EFFICIENCY:                 120 lumens/watt

    VOLTAGE:                      100-270vAC

    LIFESPAN (L70):            50,000 hours 

    IP RATING:                    IP44  


    MODEL #:                       LY-Cooler 

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