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Our multi-functional LED Camping Lamp is the most versatile portable lamp on the market, and the best thing to have along on any travel or wilderness adventure. It has several light settings, from a warm glow to bright white, and can be used as: 


1. a handheld flashlight

2. standing table lamp 

3. hanging lamp, from a tree or in a tent

4. magnetic lamp, attach to a car roof, under hood, or metal cabinet

5. emergency red & blue flasher 

6. cell phone charger 

7. window breaker


The lamp is virtually  indestructable, and IP68 waterproof. It has built in hanging strap and mounting magnets. It's rechargeable, and can share battery power to charge your cell phone in the field. For any travel, camping or wilderness adventure, don't leave home without the LED Camping Lamp from Green Site Products!  

LED Camping Lamp

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