Our GKS38 Series Screw-in Area Light Retrofit is the perfect solution for replacing energy wasting HID sodium and metal halide bulbs and ballasts in existing horizontal socket shoebox, cobrahead and wall pack fixtures for outdoor roadway, parking lot and area lighting. No need to replace the fixture, just the bulb, and improve your quality of light with 60-80% lower energy and maintenance cost.




Replacing 70-200w HID bulbs and ballasts in e39 mogul horizonal socket shoebox, cobrahead or wall pack for parking lots, roadways, parks, trails, and building perimeters.

Screw in LED Outdoor Fixture Retrofit

  • POWER:                 20w, 40w, 60w

    BEAM:                    120 degree 

    COLOR TEMP:       4000k is standard (others on request)

    EFFICIENCY:          135 lumens per watt

    VOLTAGE:              100-277vAC (480 available on request)

    LIFESPAN (L70):     50,000+ hours

    WATERPROOFING:  IP64 (damp rated)


    OPERATING TEMP:   -40 - 140F

    MODEL #:                 GKS38