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The world-famous Skinnylights! Thin, lightweight, linkable, AC Direct LED linear lights can suit so many applications! (Order here a pack of 20 4ft, 30w, double row Skinnylights)


* Available in single row (1" wide and 3.5 watts per ft) or double row (1.5" wide and 7w per ft) and come in segments of 1ft-8ft in length that can be daisy chained together up to 200 watts from a single AC connection. They can be linked by connector cords of any length or end-to-end seamlessly, and even in shapes with seamless 90 degree angles!


* Can be suspended by wires, surface mounted with brackets or magnetically attached to metal surfaces.


* Can be made with integrated on/off switches or integrated motion sensors.


* Can be replaced easily without the need for electricians




TASK LIGHTS - 2ft & 3ft units with on/off switches are ideal over workspaces

UNDER CABINET - With magnetic clips just stick on to metal cabinets and plug it in!

CLOSETS - Can operate by wall switch, or on-fixture switch, or integrated motion sensor

WALK-IN COOLERS - Magnetically attach anyplace on metal wall or ceiling and plug or wire it in!

COVE LIGHTING - Install in coves for seamless wall washing without gaps!

ACCENT LIGHTING - Add to ambient light with decorative seamless linear lighting

REPLACING FLUORESCENT STRIP LIGHTS - surface or suspended direct replacement

RETROFITTING FLUORESCENT FIXTURES - Take out the T8-T12 tubes in put in Skinnylights. They can magnetically attach to the fixture take line voltage that plugs into the light, making replacment a breeze. No more changing tubes and ballasts!


With Skinnylights, you'll never need an electrician to replace them. You can swap them out in 5 seconds, easier than replacing a light bulb! They can magnetically attach to any metal surface, easily be moved around or replaced, look more modern and sleek than bulky fluorescent fixtures and give you a better quality of light, with instand on and no flickering even in cold temperature, quiet running with no annoying ballast noise, last 2 times longer and use 50% less energy.


Please contact us with your requirements for a custom quote.

Box of 20, 4' AC-direct linear linkable LED lights

  • POWER & LENGTH:     Single-Row:  1ft/4w,  2ft/8w,  3ft/12w,  4ft/15w,                                          6ft/24w,  8ft/30w                                                                                       Double-Row:  1ft/7w, 2ft/15w, 3ft/22w, 4ft/30w,                                        6ft/45w, 8ft/60w   

    BEAM:                           120 degree (clear cover), 180 degree (frosted)   

    COLOR TEMP:              3000k, 3500K, 4000k, 4500K, 5000k, 6000k 

    EFFICIENCY:                 100 lumens/watt

    VOLTAGE:                      100-277vAC

    LIFESPAN (L70):            50,000 hours 

    IP RATING:                    IP40 (interior only) 


    MODEL #:                       Skinnylights!

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