The world-famous Skinnylights! Thin, lightweight, linear, linkable, self-ballasted LED light bars can suit so many applications! They are available in single row (1" wide and 3.5 watts per ft) or double row (1.5" wide and 7w per ft) and come in segments of 1ft-8ft in length that can be daisy chained together up to 200 watts from a single AC connection. They can be linked by connector cords of any length or end-to-end seamlessly, and even in shapes with seamless 90 degree angles! They can be made with frosted lens for wide spread of diffused light, or clear lens for direct 120 degree undiffused light. They can be suspended by wires, surface mounted with brackets or magnetically attached to metal surfaces. They can be made with integrated on/off switches or integrated motion sensors. From cabinets to corridors to retrofitting troffers, Skinnylights can do it all! Here are just some applications:




TASK LIGHTS - 2ft & 3ft units with on/off switches are ideal over workspaces

UNDER CABINET - With magnetic clips just stick on to metal cabinets and plug it in!

CLOSETS - Can operate by wall switch, or on-fixture switch, or integrated motion sensor

WALK-IN COOLERS - Magnetically attach anyplace on metal wall or ceiling and plug or wire it in!

COVE LIGHTING - Install in coves for seamless wall washing without gaps!

ACCENT LIGHTING - Add to ambient light with decorative seamless linear lighting

REPLACING FLUORESCENT STRIP LIGHTS - surface or suspended direct replacement

RETROFITTING FLUORESCENT FIXTURES - Take out the T8-T12 tubes in put in Skinnylights. They can magnetically attach to the fixture take line voltage that plugs into the light, making replacment a breeze. No more changing tubes and ballasts!


With Skinnylights, you'll never need an electrician to replace them. You can swap them out in 5 seconds, easier than replacing a light bulb! They can magnetically attach to any metal surface, easily be moved around or replaced, look more modern and sleek than bulky fluorescent fixtures and give you a better quality of light, with instand on and no flickering even in cold temperature, quiet running with no annoying ballast noise, last 2 times longer and use 50% less energy.


With far too many optional features available for online ordering, please contact us with your requirements for a custom quote. Specify the best: LED fixtures from Green Site Products and RAISE YOUR STANDARD OF LIGHTING!

Skinnylights! Linear, linkable, lightweight LED lights

  • POWER & LENGTH:     Single-Row:  1ft/4w,  2ft/8w,  3ft/12w,  4ft/15w,                                          6ft/24w,  8ft/30w                                                                                       Double-Row:  1ft/7w, 2ft/15w, 3ft/22w, 4ft/30w,                                        6ft/45w, 8ft/60w   

    BEAM:                           120 degree (clear cover), 180 degree (frosted)   

    COLOR TEMP:              3000k, 3500K, 4000k, 4500K, 5000k, 6000k 

    EFFICIENCY:                 100 lumens/watt

    VOLTAGE:                      100-277vAC

    LIFESPAN (L70):            50,000 hours 

    IP RATING:                    IP40 (interior only) 


    MODEL #:                       Skinnylights!

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