The Victory Series is the highest efficiency outdoor luminaire with DLC certification.  With impressive performance of 170 lumens per watt, a rotatable lens to adjust light distribution in the field, a plug-in port where smart wireless and IOT sensors can be added later, AND a 180,000 hour L70 lifespan, this is the highest performance LED outdoor area light in the industry. 


* Available with Type III, IV or V beam angles to suit roads, parking lots, building exteriors or other applications. 


* Wattages from 75w - 300w, which can replace 250w-1000w HID fixtures.


* Mounting options include 2" slip fitter, rigid arm, surface trunnion 


* 10 year warranty 


* DLC,  ETL certifications


Prices start at just $145 per unit. We'll beat competing products on specs and price! Contact us for a quote for your next project!

Ace Victory LED Parking Lot & Roadway Light 170 lm/w!