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Serving property managers, municipalities, contractors and resellers with products to maximize efficiency and minimize cost.

Specializing in rapid installation plug-in or solar lights that require NO NEW WIRING! 

Clean, quiet, energy-efficient, instant-on, recyclable, mercury-free lighting.


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Linear modular lighting. Plug in, AC direct, linkable, magnetic, slim, lightweight LED lights, simple to install and remove.   

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Portable plug in LED area lights for indoor and outdoor lighting. Can hang on a hook as ceiling lights or mount on a tripod for temporary outdoor lighting, great for worksites, field operations, festivals, fairs and other outdoor events 

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Solar Bollards

Solar powered LED bollards can be set up anywhere for off-grid lighting, no wires. Great for sidewalks, park trails, entryways, pools & patios. Provides a great security barrier and safety lighting at entrances. 

city hall parking lot led retrofit after
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For foodservice businesses and events we offer eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable food serving containers and eating utensils to replace disposable plastics and allow diversion of food waste from trash to compost.

rectangular and oval boxes and utensils




We can help you improve sustainability for any site, whether it's a school, hospital, hotel, resort, park, restaurant, industrial facility, retail store, food truck, outdoor festival, campground, or residential community!

From camp sites to industrial sites, we improve sustainability, and we look forward to work with you!

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