Green Site Products, Plymouth Minnesota, serving Minneapolis St. Paul, national and international customers, with 100% biodegradable compostable utensils, tableware, foodservice ware, serving and takeaway containers, the most energy efficient led high bay retrofit, LED shoebox retrofit, LED wall pack retrofit, high temperature LED light, harsh location LED light, high efficiency streetlight, lighting for food processing facilities, decorative LED bulbs, SOLATUBE tubular skylights for commercial daylighting in Minnesota, Wisconsin & Dakotas

Green Site Products is a mission based company founded on the principle that all materials have value and nothing should go to waste, so our products promote energy efficiency and recycling. Waste causes pollution, and pollution is wasted materials!  If you hate to waste, we're on your side! 

We support "food rescue", diverting food waste from landfills to food shelves, animal feed, or composting. All organic material has value and should not go to waste! If your site would like assistance setting up a food rescue program, please CONTACT US for a consultation. 

REFERRAL PROGRAM! - Refer a new customer to GSP and earn 3% commission on their purchases! 

Below are links to organizations we support, working toward environmental improvement and better health. Partner with GSP to make your site more efficient, clean and eco friendly, supporting better health and environment! 


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