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Outdoor LED fixtures & retrofits

5 year warranty | Free Shipping | Factory Direct


Order samples online or get a quote for volume orders

Save 60-90% on lighting cost by using LED instead of outdated sodium, halide or fluorescent lamps.


Why buy from us?  Because our top priority is your next project! 

And with free shipping you never have to wonder how much shipping charge will be added on.

Whether you're planning lighting for a new facility or upgrading existing lights, go with the best LED fixtures and retrofits in the industry from Green Site Products. We can achieve a wide range of appearances, from a historic look to an ultra-modern look, from soft comfortable lighting to bright white task lighting or security lighting.  

We support dark sky initiatives and can deliver soft down light without light pollution or light trespass to neighboring properties.  

Don't wait to upgrade your lighting! Contact us today to discuss your lighting objectives and get a custom quote or proposal! 

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