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With our magnetic LED strips you can get rid of all the fluorescent hardware in a 2x4 ceiling troffer: the ballast, ballast housing, and sockets, and simply magnetically attach the LED strips and driver in the fixture and connect to AC. With efficiency of 150 lumens per watt, 3 x 18w strips replace 3 x 32w fluorescent tubes & ballasts to reduce energy 45% and improve brightness and appearance.   

Magnetic LED Retrofit for 2x4 Ceiling Troffer

$75.00 Regular Price
$58.00Sale Price
  • POWER:                54w

    BEAM:                   120 degree

    COLOR TEMP:      5000k is standard 

    EFFICIENCY:         150 lumens/watt

    VOLTAGE:             100-277vAC

    LIFESPAN (L70):    100,000 hours

    IP RATING:            Indoor

    MOUNTING:          Magnetic


    MODEL #:               Ark Retrofit Kit 

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