Our magnetic LED strips are the best solution for replacing fluorescent lamps in 2x4' ceiling troffers or high-bays because you can get rid of all the fluorescent hardware, ballast, ballast housing, and sockets, and simply magnetically attach the LED strips and driver in the fixture and connect the driver to AC.  For fixtures with lenses you can use strips without covers, and for open fixtures choose strips with frosted covers for a nice looking, low-glare, wide diffusion of light. With efficiency of 150 lumens per watt, 3 x 18w strips replace 3 x 32w fluorescent tubes & ballasts to reduce energy 45% and improve brightness and appearance.   

Magnetic LED Retrofit for 2x4 Ceiling Troffer

  • POWER:                54w, 72w

    BEAM:                   120 degree, 160 degree

    COLOR TEMP:      5000k is standard (others upon request)

    EFFICIENCY:         160 lumens/watt

    VOLTAGE:             100-277vAC

    LIFESPAN (L70):    100,000 hours

    IP RATING:            Indoor

    MOUNTING:          Magnetic


    MODEL #:               Ark Retrofit Kit