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Build your indoor lighting system with Skinnylights! 


Segments are available from 2ft to 8ft and linkable up to 48ft seamlessly end-to-end and even in 90 degree corners! They can be used to light up anything from workstations to warehouses. From a single closet to an entire building interior, Skinnylights are your modular, easy to install LED lighting solution. 


AC DIRECT (plug & play)

LINKABLE (up to 48ft) 

MODULAR (2-8ft segments)


Single Row (3.5w/ft) or Double Row (7w/ft)

Segment lengths: 2ft, 4ft, 6ft, 8ft

Pendant hanging or surface mounting 

Magnetic mounting clips

Integrated on/off switch

Integrated motion sensor switch (double row only)

Seamless 90 degree corner connectors (dbl row only)

Clear or frosted lens

Color temp specifiable


Closets, cabinets, workstations, corridors, coves, lobbies, conference rooms, walk in coolers, offices, retail shops, garages, warehouses  

Magnetic mount to grid ceiling

Retrofit in ceiling troffers

Pendant hanging with corner connectors

Pendant hanging seamless end-to-end

on off switch.jpg

Single Row with on/off switch

T5 integrated lightingfixture.jpg
T5s daisy chained.jpg

Single Row linked

Double T5 led light bar.jpg

Double Row with mounting clips

t5 double top middle.jpg

Double Row units have additional power input in the back! 

integrated t5 light bar installed at sta

Double Row linked




Single-Row:  3.75w/ft                                             Double-Row:  7.5w/ft                                 

BEAM:                      120 degree (clear lens)

COLOR TEMP:         3000k - 6000k 

EFFICIENCY:            100 lumens/watt

VOLTAGE:                 100-277vAC

LIFESPAN (L70):      50,000 hours 

IP RATING:               IP40  


Sleek, modern, efficient and long lasting Skinnylights are the most versatile and easy to use indoor LED lights on the market. Use them for general ambient lighting, task lighting or decorative accent lighting! 

Contact us to get a quote for your needs today!

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